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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Best Basic Workout Plans for Men

Men Muscle Building
Muscle Building
Best workout plans for men who wants to gain their muscle, mostly people think that if they will join a gym they become a bodybuilder and some people think that they can grow their muscles only on the expensive gym but these are only just imagination, the fact is it doesn’t matter which kind of gym you choose but the point is how hard you can train yourself in that gym.

So if you really want to build muscles then just concentrate on your diet and train hard in the gym, here are some effective workout for beginners just follow these steps and you will definitely see the results.

First before start workout you have to do warm-up so your body and muscles can prepare for physical activity, if you do warm up before workout then you will be safe from any kind of injuries, this is the proper way to start workout.

Pull Up exercise for wider lats
Pull Up
1) Pull Up

This exercise will help to increase your Lats and also this can create tension on your arms, shoulders and biceps this the basic workout for beginners.

Lat Pulldown for wider lats
Lat Pulldown
2)  Lat Pulldown 

This exercise will increase your Lats and make them wider and also convert your body in V-Shape which is look amazing.

Push Up for wider chest
Push Up
3) Push Ups

Push Up is a very common exercise, there are many types of push ups but you have to do chest, it will help you to make your chest wider.

Flat Bench Press for increase chest size
Flat Bench Press
4) Bench Press

Bench Press is a most recommended exercise for chest workout, this exercise will help you to make your chest bigger and it’s also increase your Body Push Strenght, because of this you can push or press heavy weight in workouts.

Chest Fly exercise for wider chest
Chest Fly
5) Chest Fly Exercise

Chest Fly Exercise is a great workout and also recommended for everyone, you can do this exercise with the help of machine or you can also do it manually with dumbbells, chest fly exercise burn lots of calories but above all it will increase your chest size and make them beautiful.
Now here your chest workout is complete, so next exercise is for your Biceps and Triceps

Biceps Curl for bigger biceps
Barbell Curl
6) Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl is a common exercise for Biceps and best for beginners, this exercise will make your biceps bigger faster that is why every bodybuilder do bicep curl in their workouts.

Triceps Extension for bigger triceps
Standing Triceps Extension
7) Standing Triceps Extension

This exercise is a very helpful for triceps, this exercise will increase your triceps and looks amazing.
Triceps extension also effects your arms and make them bigger, you can do standing triceps extension with the help of extension machine or you can also do it manually from barbell or dumbbell but I recommend you to do this exercise from extension machine because it is good for beginners.

These are the best workout plans for men and you have to do all these workouts step by step, to beginners it is very important to grow every parts of their muscles from the starting, all these exercises will grow every part of your muscles.

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