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Sunday, November 4, 2018

How to Gain Weight in Natural Way?

How to Gain Weight in Natural Way?

Foods for weight gain

Don’t you want to do gym and exhausted from regular workout? just because your weight didn’t increase, so do not demotivate yourself because every problem has a solution.
If you want to gain weight then it is compulsory to have carbohydrates in your diet plan because carbohydrate is the primary source of energy and it helps to gain weight.
There are two types of carbohydrates.
1) Complex Carbohydrate
2)  Simple Carbohydrate


Complex Carbohydrate don’t spike your blood and it is good for your body because it is healthy and digest slowly. Your body can easily absorb it and the other hand we have Simple Carbohydrate which provides you bad carbs will spikes your blood and not good for health and it digest fast in our body.
Our body needs energy for daily work. If you take simple carbs then it digest fast and after some moment your body will need energy for daily work again, because of that you does consume more and more bad carbs and that is the wrong way to gain weight.
If you consume good carbs then it will digest slow and supply constant amount of energy in your body which means you do not need to consume more carbs in a day.
Complex Carbohydrate source
Brown Rice 
Fresh Beets
Sweet Potatoes
Sprouted Bread
Greek Yogurt

These are the good sources of carbohydrates you can consume them, it will definitely helps you to weight gain.
Here are some bad sources of carbohydrates which you have to completely avoid, and if you are using them then stop right now these are unhealthy food.

Simple Carbohydrates source
White Rice
White Pasta
White Bread

These foods are the bad sources of carbohydrates, but the question is how can you gain weight in natural way?
Just all you have to do is consume good carbs, add foods which has good amount of carbohydrates and you'll see results in months. Everything is possible, problems are in everyone’s life but as I say every problem has a solution all you have to do is find that.

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