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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Complete Tricep Workouts for Beginners

Tricep Workouts for Beginners

Triceps is 60% of our hand and 40% is Biceps, if you want to increase your hands so you must have to build triceps.
There are six exercises of triceps which I am going to explain here, all you have to do is just follow my steps and after 3 months you will definitely see results.
But you have to work hard because as we all know, no pain no gain.

Complete Tricep Exercises

Tricep Workouts for Beginners
Lying Barbell Tricep Extension
Barbell tricep extension is the first exercise after warm-up, this is really helpful exercise of triceps because when you do this workout your hand will be stable and because of this you can do this exercise in proper way without any injuries.

Tricep Workouts for Beginners
Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension
Dumbbell tricep extension is similar to bar extension, but in this exercise your hand won't stay stable, but if do this properly then this will give you a plus point.

Tricep Workouts for Beginners
Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extension
Standing dumbbell tricep extension is the most effective exercise for triceps, it will increase your triceps faster.

Tricep Workouts for Beginners
Tricep Pushdown
Triceps pushdown is the most major exercise of triceps, this is a recommended and very helpful exercise in all of them.

Tricep Workouts for Beginners
Triangle Push-up
Triangle push-up is a free exercise, you can do this after Complete your workout, or you can do triangle push-up before start your workout, but this is a must do exercise for building triceps.

Tricep Workouts Results

These are the complete triceps workout for beginners who wants to build perfect triceps, but above all you must eat more protein in your diet because diet is the fundamental part of workout.
You have to do all these exercises for three months then you will see the effects.


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